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When Is It Time to Have Your Roof Replaced?

Your roof works hard 24/7 to protect your family from all outside elements. Over the years, you may have your roof repaired, but eventually, you will need a roof replacement. But how do you know when it is time to have a roof replacement? Here is a list of the most common signs you’ll need roof replacement in Auburn Alabama:

1. Your Roof Is Old 

Depending on what kind of roof materials you have, your roof will last 15 to 20 years. But there are many factors that can accelerate the aging of your roof as well, such as storms or a volatile climate. If you notice your roof is beginning to look old and worn, you should consider scheduling a roof replacement inspection. 

2. Damaged Shingles 

If you notice your roof shingles curling at the corners, dented, or cracked, then it may be time to have your roof replaced. This becomes more important depending on the amount of damaged shingles. Another sign you may need a roof replacement is if a large number of your shingles are missing. When your shingles are exposed to elements such as rain and snow, your roof will wear down more quickly over time. 

hurricane roof damage

3. Excessive Plant Growth  

Any moss or algae growing on your roof can be cleaned, but if there is an excessive amount of plant life growing on your roof, it is a sign that your roof has moisture. This is bad because moss holds moisture against your roof, and over time this can cause damage to your granules. If you notice an abnormal amount of plant growth on your roof, you should schedule a roof inspection to determine if you need a roof replacement. CertainTeed offers StreakFighter algae-resistant shingles, which use copper granules to combat algae formation. This is a great option if you live in a hot, humid climate prone to excessive algae growth.

4. Sagging Roof 

If you notice your roof is sagging then it is a clear indicator of water damage. If a sagging roof goes too long without being taken care of, it can lead to mold and interior damage to your home. This is why you should periodically check your attic to ensure your roof is not sagging.

5. Rotting Roof 

If you notice multiple damp spots, moldy spots, or darkening of specific beams at your home, then you may be experiencing a rotting roof. Even if you have your beams replaced, it is very likely that the water damage and mold have overtaken your roof and you will need to replace the whole thing. It is important to catch rotting roofs as soon as possible because mold can spread through your vents and ducts, creating a safety hazard for everyone inside. 

6. Exposed Nails 

Exposed nails can be a sign that your roof has cracks or leaks in it. It can also be a sign that your previous roofing contractor did a poor job at installing your roof. If a large amount of your roof nails are exposed, then you will need to have your roof inspected and corrected before it causes any further damage. 

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